Summer is typically considered the “off-season” for dance lessons, but the last thing you want is to lose everything you learned all year! That’s why it’s important to keep dancing and stay in shape over the summer. Here’s how.

  1. Take yoga or Pilates classes: These exercises are beneficial for dancers because they focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. The slow moves and long poses also promote focus and clarity of mind.
  2. Stretch at home: While you should stretch before every dance lesson, this is not the only suitable time to do so. Improve your flexibility by stretching every day at home as well.
  3. Lift weights: Long, lean muscles are every dancer’s goal. To achieve them, use dumbbells that wear out your muscles after about 20 reps. If you want to build bulkier muscles, increase the weight so you can only complete eight to 10 reps at a time.
  4. Take walks: Something as simple as taking your dog for a walk every evening can help your legs stay in shape over the summer. Check out new trails, parks, and walking paths in the area where you can enjoy taking your dog or meeting up with friends. Just remember to wear comfortable, supportive shoes.
  5. Go swimming: A pool party with friends may not feel like a workout, but it’s a great way to get some cardio in this summer, especially if you’re up for swimming laps.
  6. Choreograph dances with friends: Increase your artistic and creative skills by choreographing a dance to one of your preferred songs. Who knows? Maybe your dance instructor will let you perform it as a solo, duet, or small group at an upcoming performance!
  7. Write down your goals: While you have some free time, record the goals you have for the upcoming school year and dance season. Share your ideas with your parents, friends, teachers, or dance instructors to help keep you accountable.
  8. Eat healthy food: Frozen treats, birthday parties, and late-night pizza runs are the norm over summer break. It can be challenging to stick to a healthy eating plan. However, you don’t want the extra sugar and calories to catch up with you, so strive for moderation any time you splurge.
  9. Get to bed on time: Your body needs proper rest to remain healthy and fit, so establish a bedtime for yourself and try to obey it.

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