If you’ve really wanted to be the best dancer but can’t seem to get from uncomfortable, stiff, and off-beat on the dance floor to smooth and confident…

You’ve arrived at the right location! ALSO READ : FLEXIBILITY : MORE THAN STRETCHING

  1. You’re not taking any breaths while dancing.

Beginners frequently hold their breath when dancing because they are so concentrated on learning the routines that they forget to breathe properly, causing their bodies to stiffen. Dancers are so preoccupied with choreography that they forget to take a breath.


Begin by learning to relate your breath to the steps. Make breathing a key component of the choreography. It will become simpler to dance as you correlate breath with the movements, and your body will appear more flexible. Find a place where you can take a deep breath. Whether the step is rapid or slow, there is always room for a dancer to breathe in between them. When a dancer experiences breathlessness, don’t try to disguise it; instead, work on it. There will be less heavy breathing if you are comfortable with the steps. Make an effort to rehearse choreography so that your body can adapt quickly.


  1. You have a set of beliefs.


Dancers who have a fixed perspective will practise or try less. As a result, they do not progress as rapidly or as significantly as they would like. Because of their sentiments of defeat, they may even stop dancing altogether. These beliefs turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. We believe we are incapable of expanding, which causes us to stop growing. How can we break free from this mindset? It’s self-evident that adopting a growth mentality is beneficial. However, not everyone is naturally growth-oriented.


  1. You’re making the moves, but you’re not really dancing.


We frequently believe that being clean or knowing the steps makes someone a good dancer, but this is only true to a certain extent. You must express your emotions. Is there a good method to go about it? be in a situation Make up a story for yourself, just like we do at SSDA.


  1. You can’t take critique.

human nature to want to feel validated and as dancers that’s even more amplified, because we’re natural performers, you know, we’re sharing a part of ourselves in our dancing and we want people to like what we do. you have to be open to, and even welcome critiques. let’s say someone leaves a comment with some negative feedback and obviously it will hurt but take it as a constructive criticism and work on it.


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