Dance competition day. Rushes of adrenaline. New and familiar faces. The thrill of the stage. The day of the show can be one of the most fun yet most stressful days of the season. Make it more fun than stressful by being prepared! Here are five things to help you enjoy it!

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

It’s essential to eat right and get enough sleep before a competition (and all the time, for that matter).

Don’t skip a meal because you’ll probably be tired and not have enough energy for rehearsal or a performance.

And SLEEP. I don’t mean that crappy five-hour nap; I mean SLEEP.

Practice To Make Perfect

My directors always say, “You practice at home, and you rehearse in the studio.”

There is no time to waste.

It would help if you dedicated time outside the studio to your set.

If you don’t fully understand a move, review it at home so when you go back to the studio, you’ll have it down, and the focus can instead be on your performance and chemistry with the team.

Make The Most Of Tech Time


You have to pretend like it’s the actual performance.

Get used to the stage and try to imagine that the audience is right in front of you.

Regardless of 10 or 0 teams watching your tech perform as if every seat was filled.

Winning Isn’t Everything.

My team means a hell of a lot more to me than any trophy ever will.

I believe that the winners are the ones who dance for each other.

The love we feel for one another is bigger and better than any trophy.

Just don’t lose track of that in the heat of competition day, yeah?

Calm Those Nerves!


But take deep breaths and remember that things will turn out great – because you worked hard for it.

Trust yourself and your team!

Use this performance to show that you are better than yesterday, that you are better than you were at last year’s competition.

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