When we dance and get fatigued, one of the first things we notice is our bodies giving up. We have a sense of being out of control or uncoordinated. It’s not about our strength; it’s about attention and trust in your technique.

Concentration is Key.

We must maintain a high degree of mental concentration while also allowing our bodies to recover to 60-70 per cent capacity. We must concentrate and recall proper techniques to avoid damage while the body is stretched and exhausted. It is always better to be careful and follow the steps perfectly than to push yourself into a situation where the injury is unavoidable. Concentrate on the steps, emotions, and music, but don’t push your body to give its all. The steps will be sloppy, you will become disoriented, and you will become frustrated. We lose control when our emotions take over.

Stay Hydrated.

You’d be surprised how many folks don’t drink enough fluids during strenuous activity. Water with lemon will replace electrolytes and fluids that have been lost. Always keep water nearby so you may pause and rehydrate, as well as take a breath to refocus.

Take a Break.

Allow your body and mind to heal, whether it’s after a long day or during the week. Before you return to the mat after the centre, take a 15-20-minute break and eat a banana or an apple with raw nuts (almonds, cashews, or Brazilian nuts). Take a day off during the week, or more if your body requires it. Your body and mind require time to heal and process new knowledge.

Nurture your Body.

Get a massage, visit a physio or an osteopath, and take some time (and money, if necessary) to pamper yourself. We simply cannot reach certain regions on our own. These professionals have been trained to help the most tired parts of the body release and recover. Furthermore, if the body is not properly aligned, it will not behave as it should. The injury will result from chronic weariness. So, take care of your body; it needs to rest to function properly.

Get Inspired.

Try something new, anything other than dance or other physical activity. Visit a museum, see a movie, read a book, meet a buddy for coffee, or get lost in your garden. Find something that will engage your thoughts rather than your body. When we return to dancing with an active and inspired mind, our body will respond with increased energy and determination.


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