Jazz Funk Dance- Rhythm Soulful Sound

Funk is known to be a style of music that consist of elements of jazz, rock, gospel, and lastly the blues which are fused together in order to create a rhythmic soulful sound. Jazz funk dance style is combined from jazz, hip hop and walking dance style. The motto of this dance genre is about moving fiercely and releasing classic. Jazz funk dance style is all about expressing yourself, dancing with all combined moves without any fear.. Funk is more of fun and expressive kind of dance form wrapping all other dance forms.

But how all this started, let’s check on the history of Jazz funk dance style The dance form started in the year 1980s and get adapted from the hip hop style. The jazz funk dance style is the result of American jazz musicians widening the arena of jazz. It has also named as Street jazz comprising the chunk of a number of other dance styles like ballet modern hip-hop and lyrical. From some of the movements of the dance are inspired by jazz dance like isolations, flexibility, syncopation, relive’s, pirouettes, rolled shoulders, jazz hands etc. Although this dance has taken from hip-hop, it differs on a single term that is you use the center of gravity, most of the times on beat in the dance. Frank Hatcher is the major contributor of above style.

Funk is not so old the involvement of funk in jazz is pretty new in the modern dance form and is blessed by three American dancers -Bobby Newberry, Brian Friedman, and Kevin Maher. They were the one who set the greatest mark in the history of dancing style. They actually gave an individual and introduced the new dance form that is the jazz funk dance style while mixing hip hop, vogue, jazz and whacking leading to a feminine style, more of plasticity, sharpness, dynamic and expressiveness putting all together to a super popular dance. The dance style is performed with balancing body and mind all together also by keeping the funk at initial it also incorporates lyrical in the sense of emotional interpretation. It moreover performs the story by the body movements. The steps and movements are equal to personal expression.

Jazz-funk dance classes health benefits

Getting yourself into Jazz funk dance classes can be very helpful to you when it comes to health benefits. Jazz-funk dance classes helps in increased strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. The athletic, full-bodied nature of jazz dance develops arm strength from floor work, leg strength from jumps, and core strength from coordinating the limbs. Jazz-funk dance classes consist of stretching sequences that lengthen the larger muscles of the legs and lower back. Increased flexibility and range of motion in the hips, shoulders, and spine commonly develop from jazz dance training. Challenging steps and combinations, in which the upper and lower body parallel and contrast each other in numerous ways, create increased coordination in jazz dancers. Remember the old challenge to rub your head and pat your tummy? That task becomes simple for jazz dancers who learn complex rhythmic patterns. Besides the strength, flexibility, and coordination developed in jazz dance, the infectious, high-energy rhythmic music of a jazz dance class leads to increased endurance and stamina.

Some safety advice should be considered before you get into this style:

As a dancer you should be good and serious about your health issues , you should be aware about what is good and bad pain. A good pain is the one that is derived from strength, stretching, and endurance exercises that expand the ability of the body. These pains may feel uncomfortable, but they are beneficial. Bad pain comes from pushing the body too far too fast, and it leads to injury. These pains tend to be sharp and sudden. Listen to your body to find the edge of good pain and do not go past it. Do what is good for your body. Precautions are much more needed in order to protect yourself. Atlast it is your body only which will give you opportunities in the future.

Jazz-funk dance style – Aids self-confidence

The minute you gain the strength of coming upon the stage and start showing your moves it’s what you get the term called as self-confidence. A dance-like jazz cannot go unnoticed. Once you begin to rain down a few moves, they will surely be appreciated. This will increase your self-confidence considerably.

The Different Types of Jazz Dancing:

Once it became popular and started being practiced and performed by a larger group of Jazz Dance lovers, a lot of new styles also evolved in and around the original form, keeping it as the base. Some of the many styles that developed with time and became highly popular are:
●Black Bottom
●Boogie Woogie

Jazz-funk dance classes in Mumbai

Here, you come and join the dance classes and learn from every kind of dances contemporary, ballet, classical ballet, jazz, jazz-funk, modern, western or any other type of your choice. Not so surprisingly, some of these dance forms still hold their popularity and are performed for their lovers.Make sure you have a perfect size, as shoes are the most important element for a perfect performance.


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