Hip hop dance is one of the pillars of the hip hop culture. It is a vigorous combination of a very distinct range of street dance styles that have grown quite big lately among people around the world. 

Contrary to belief, discovering how to dance hip hop is not as hard as it sounds. There are lots of beginner dance moves that one can begin with that are easy to learn such as the icebox. Nevertheless, one needs to familiarize themselves with these few ideas before delving into the art.

  1. Musicality – This is where you need to understand the music and its relationship with dance. Being in sync with the tune and projecting it through the dance is very crucial for any dancer
  2. Body Awareness – Your body is your greatest asset when it comes to dancing. The more you can familiarize your body with yourself, the more natural and controlled your movements will become.
  3. Execution and Movement – What can turn a set of moves into an actual dance is the variance in execution. Some dancers have been known to be dancing as if they’ve become part of the song. This is because they have been able to understand the music as well as master their bodies and have been able to control it to depict the sounds one is hearing.
  4. Dance Classes – By taking at least a few dance classes you’ll be able to absorb the attitude and feeling of the dance from your teachers. Hip Hop is not just a dance, it’s a culture. And without a proper definition from a professional dance instructor, it will be very difficult to grasp.
  5. Setting Goals – Taking the first step is hard, but after that, you will require to grow from a novice to an intermediary. Set goals, they will give you a benchmark to look at while practice and in the end, when you attain your goal, you’ll realize that the sky is the limit for you.

In conclusion, hip hop is more than just another dance genre. It’s a beautiful, unique and sophisticated work of art that daily inspires millions of people around the world to forget about their problems and start dancing like no one’s watching.

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