There are not many specified professional courses for choreography. There are very few dance training in India that take seriously students careers and offer dance courses in the best choreography according to students’ ability to learn.

Many of our celebrities have been started the classes and schools for administering the training and short-term certification courses and diploma course in choreography.

Choreography is an art which comes underperforming art. There is just

There is no requirement of a degree course to become a choreographer. You should have a zeal for this and you may go for the short-term, certificate and diploma courses offered by the different art schools in India.

Dancing is one of the dynamic course of performance to boost your tenderness, it provides you with a fortuity to take yourself away from the world for a while. Acquiring new gambol moves not just gives confidence also provides the crazy excitement of achievement and it concentrates on the day to day life. The dancing prompt which you will gain from our coach will speed up growing dancers.

Get envisioned to stamp your feet on your desired rhythm and with expert moves, as you can now quickly grapple the avowal dance classes of the most desirable dance academy in Delhi and Mumbai. If you are passionate about dancing and plan to become a superb dancer that can charm the eyes of thousands, then all you require is professional dance coaching from masters.

Start from the beginning, and learn to groove with us. Our batch sizes are not too big and our choreographies are done having you in mind.

You’ll learn different dance styles with us only to determine what your body moves to best. We are going to push you to make you a better dancer every day!

Experience a series of dance styles Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop etc.) with us. If learning International Styles you, give us a call and let’s make you dance!

SSDA Dance training in India was Incorporated in the year 2009. This initiative was taken by Mr Dhiraj Bakshi for the love that he possesses towards this fine art. Today the academy holds a database of more than 2500 students learning and refining their dance skills with us. He aims to be a versatile dancer and that reflects in the team that he has built. Keeping this in memory our qualified instructors excel in a variety of Indian and Global styles who are passionately interested in every activity of the dance training in India.

We believe that learners of all generations and abilities should be actively encouraged to work towards their potential, while still having a fun and pleasant experience. We strive to develop characteristics like coordination, self-confidence, strength, rhythm, self-discipline and flexibility through individual attention throughout training as we consider that these are the keys to unlock success in life. We warmly welcome every student who learns dancing to make a professional career in dance and also the student who dances solely for the joy of movement and the benefits that it that transfer to everyday life. Whether a student is going to be a trained dancer or not, every single student who walks through our door is significant to us. We run programs and projects which support the professional development of performers in a positive, creative and nurturing environment.


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