Khar West Dance Classes

Dance school in Khar Dance is an excellent dance academy. Therefore, We are trying hard to bring out the best instructors for you. Not just the professionalism, we provide space for creativity and expressions. Our commitment makes us the final destination for dancers.  SSDA Dance classes in West Khar offer Contemporary, Hip Hop, Bollywood Jazz, Jazz Funk dance forms.

What do we provide in our dance class in Khar?

We provide every student with a solid foundation for dance and help every student to discover their strengths and to reach their potential. We are all followers of dance, performance and life. Sharing our experience helps the students to learn from successful trainers’ perspective. Living, learning, teaching, creating and promoting an appreciation for dance. Together we discover and grow therefore making gems in our dance academy. we share the responsibility of self-esteem and growing confidence.

Our dance classes have ethics and respect for the art form, every student and every performer. We aim to provide the learner with life experience which never forgets. The main motive is to develop a relationship with our students, therefore allow us to have fun along with learning. We aim to be one of the top dance academies in the nation one day and wish to spread happiness with our art form.

Our goal is to teach professional dance to anyone with the passion to dance. Therefore, stress is on imparting the nuances of dance and improving the technique. At SSDA  class begins with a warm-up, and ends with the exotic dance moves. Choreography is crucial as it assists with muscle memory, mental agility all these characteristics helps in enhancing mental ability.

Competition helps you fight your fears. Therefore helps you in enhancing your skills. Dance is not merely an art it’s a ritual for the artists.  Many artists have changed their lives through dancing.

Dance also, improve your fitness condition, therefore keep the calories in check. Dance movements help in muscles agility, therefore, providing you with the strength required to perform. You must follow this advice to become a better dancer.

At SSDA we aim to spread the culture of dance into the lives of people of all cultures and religion. Our belief is “Anybody can Dance”. We offer special classes for those with economic limitations.  Many performers out there are very good dancers but are missing the opportunity.  SSDA Dance classes in khar Give you that one opportunity so that you can change your life. So put on your dancing kicks and get ready to groove.



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