SSDA Best Dance Classes in Marine Lines Mumbai specializing in Urban, contemporary, Jazz-funk and many others. Our founder, Dhiraj Bakshi, is a visionary and believes in nothing but the best. thus, making us different and allowing us to train our learners at an enormously faster speed and with better end-quality, thus making it finally more graceful and cheaper. There is strict quality control amongst all other teachers which is especially done by him, thus standardising the instruction process and making us the best there.

Our trainers give special attention based on his / her requirements.

Since its Origin Split Sole Dance classes in Marine Lines, Mumbai had moulded and trained its students with the various dance formats on par with the International standards. Making it as one of India’s most expensive Dance Academy to strive, perseverance, teamwork, dedication, sacrifice with its fun-loving ambience is the core principle at Split Sole Dance classes in Marine Lines, Mumbai.

Enrol in Competitions and Compete Often: Competitions help discard your fears and nervousness and give you a taste of the rat race out there.

We believe that students of all ages and capabilities should be greatly encouraged to work towards their potential, while still having a fun and pleasant experience. We aim to develop qualities like coordination, self-confidence, strength, rhythm, self-discipline and flexibility through individual attention throughout training as we consider that these are the keys to master success in life. We cordially welcome each student who learns dancing to make an expert career in dance and also the student who dances solely for the joy of movement and the interests that it transfer to everyday life. Whether a student is going to be a trained dancer or not, every single student who walks through our door is important to us. We run programs and projects which support the expert development of performers in a decisive, creative and nurturing atmosphere.

Dance also, improve your fitness condition. It is important to be fit to increase your ability to dance. Hence, keep the calories in check. Eat healthily and fall into a religious fitness regime. This should include activities to strengthen muscles and be able to perform steps that require flexibility in motion. Do stretching exercises daily to achieve better flexibility. Among other advice to be the best dancer, this is to be ritually followed.




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