Split Sole Dance Classes (SSDA) founded in 2009 by Mr. Dhiraj Bakshi and since then has continuously been active in training dance enthusiasts apart from being a part of cultural events and staging performances.  We are first to introduce the style Jazz Funk to the city, Split Sole combines technique and styling to bring out the quality of a professional dancer in one. We teach various styles like Hip Hop and Contemporary at our studios. A fun-loving and dedicated team is here to make your dance journey a memorable one.

Our founder is a visionary and believes in nothing but the best. thus, making us different and enabling us to train our students at a much faster pace and with better end-result, thus making it finally lighter and cheaper.

Better Dancer in a Shorter Time

While you have fun you will be able to transform yourself into being a better dancer in a shorter period.We assure you to exceed your expectations when learning with us.

SSDA Dance School in Mumbai has shown enormous growth over the years. Our Dance Classes provides Professional Staff, Exposure at all levels, Supportive Team etc. Every student gets the opportunity to learn professional dance education with high-class professional infrastructure at affordable prices in Mumbai. Today, SSDA Dance Classes in Mumbai is one of the reputable names for high-quality dance training

What we offer


The motto of this dance genre is about moving fiercely and releasing classic. The jazz-funk dance style is all about expressing yourself, dancing with all combined moves without any fear. Funk is more of a fun and expressive kind of dance form including all other dance forms. At SSDA, we focus on both perspectives of this dance style, technique and groove which makes learning super fun and expressive yet technical. The overall objective of our classes is to work with the students to improve body flexibility, understand music differently, build their personality with choreography and to discipline a healthy lifestyle through dance.


SSDA, the major chunk of choreography is inspired by the basics of hip hop, the rock, bounce & wave. Apart from choreography, you will also discover old school party grooves, new style movement, techniques and how to understand and interpret music your way!


Contemporary is a dance style that blends elements of dance forms like modern, classical ballet, and jazz. Different choreographers/artists back in the day focused on different perspectives of body movement thus creating different techniques of Western contemporary dance such as Cunningham, Horton, and Graham to name some. At SSDA, we collect the basic aspects and main characteristics of these techniques and encourage our students to learn and connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements where choreographies may appear disordered but nonetheless rely on technique.


Dancing has become a style icon in India. Every person has some different style of accepting dance in their personal life, Some use for entertainment, career, health therapy and many more.


In SSDA we strongly believe that to be truly the best, it is mandatory to be intensely trained and updated. We can bring out the best from our students in the shortest time, thus giving you your money’s worth. 




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