SSDA academy in Mumbai is famous for Urban, contemporary, Jazz-funk, and many others. Our founder, Dhiraj Bakshi, has a vision of making the most reliable dance academy in India. Thus, making us distinct and enabling us to prepare students with best training. Thus creating the best dance in the world. There is a strict quality check amongst all other teachers which is primarily done by him. Thus regulating the teaching method and making us the best there. Our trainers give personal attention based on students requirements.

Learn the Dance Forms

SSDA dance School began in the year 2009. With the sole purpose of providing a state-of-the-art facility to learn the wonderful dance forms, has trained over 15000 learners.

SSDA academy is one of the best & premier dance classes in Mumbai, India. Learn the dance academy to shine or simply to ENJOY, SOCIALISE. keep FIT & be STRESS-FREE.

Dance is an expression of sentiments through body actions. However there’s more to swing, and that’s the show. Choreographed just for the stage. It doesn’t matter what sort of dance you like. As long as you are grooving to the beat, your body benefits


Improve your fitness condition. Hence, keep the calories in check. Eat healthily and fall into a spiritual fitness regime. This should incorporate activities to strengthen tissues. And be able to perform steps that need flexibility in motion. Dancing makes exercising fun. It needs no special equipment and is suitable for all ages. Do spreading exercises daily to attain better flexibility. Among other advice to be the greatest dancer. This is to be ritually followed.

↦ Learning to dance greatly improves your overall MENTAL & PHYSICAL FITNESS and. Hence SLOWS AGEING!  It BOOSTS shallowness. IMPROVES posture, REDUCES lifestyle-related pains & illnesses.

↦ It gives you a way of FREEDOM and deeper reference to yourself & everyone else. Hence dance increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

People of all generations and preferences admire dance. Therefore, People in India are no different. In our country, there is a song and dance for practically every season and reason.  Luckily, things have changed a lot since SSDA Academy unlocked its doors 10 years ago. Hence, every step we perceive, with each move we make.  Dance Academy in Mumbai helps every learner to shine in its forms. We bring our students closer to help to develop their passion into a profession. Therefore simply, teach what they love doing the most.


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