Dance training in Mumbai is leading dance school since 2009 with centers all across Mumbai. The institute teaches almost everything that there is to learn in dancing. The content is distributed and subdivided into many levels. We cover almost all the dance styles. Dance styles have major categories which are jazz-funk, contemporary, and Western Dance. Students of our dance classes in Mumbai are regularly engaged with the top experts of the industry and learn all the tricks & bricks from the faculty itself who are professionals in the dance industry with years of expertise and exceptional knowledge of the technical know-how in the industry. The open environment of our dance training institute can be of great benefit to the aspiring dancers & especially for someone who is little worried about prospects. We give not only an exceptional and unparalleled dance degree but also a real-time activity through our small initiatives like Workshops, Super Saturdays, & rehearsals, Jam Room. Under expert supervision, we intend to refine our students and shape their creativity. We aim to build world-class dance professionals.

If you are inspired to make a career in dance then you are advised to learn dance from an expert at our dance training institute in Mumbai. Here, you can learn choreography at a dance training institute in Mumbai. Once you get the best professional dance training at our dance classes, you would be able to arrange dance and help your career as dance as a profession. at our dance training institute Mumbai, you can get Professional Dance Classes. You also get the Jamming Workshops for many types of dance like jazz, jazz-funk, contemporary, classical ballet, western and modern. After your lessons, you would be expert of Style & Technique. Dance is the purest style of art that requires no introduction. It is a spiritual action where the soul is at its most free self. Whatever be your style of dance, many tips come helpful for every aspiring dancer.

Types of dance in SSDA

·  Jazz funk

· Urban

. Contemporary 

. Hip Hop



1. Better dancer in a shorter time – Being technically qualified, we provide you with a focused learning environment. While you have fun you will be capable to transform yourself into being a more skilled dancer in a shorter duration.

2. We continuously Refresh and Practice with World Champs– In SSDA we firmly believe that to be truly the best, it is necessary to be intensely trained and refreshed

3. Focus on Essence than Number – In SSDA while we train you new steps, we also concentrate on transforming you into a better dancer. We lay your basic foundation on spins, musicality, movements, etc. so strong that it lives with you even if you take a break for years.


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