Dance movements keep performers moving to the rhythm of contemporary music all over the globe. Although the origins of hip hop music are in Reggae and rap, hip-hop dancing moves are more inspired by African Dance and acrobatics than any other origin. Reality programs also played an essential role in the expanding market of hip-hop in India. WORKSHOP: Dhiraj and Sazzie!

Hip-hop is a really energetic dancing form that includes a lot of factors like locking, popping, crumping, breaking etc. At Soul Dance Studio we teach various elements of hip-hop to our students. We conduct sessions for Locking- Popping, Crumping, Robotics, Freestyle.

SSDA  dance classes near me will make sure that you will learn dance forms like contemporary, hip-hop, etc. Our present coaching for many diverse dance forms so that you can discover the dance of your wish. dance training provide to all age groups. To Represent the Dance Destination in Mumbai. We can take care of all your party needs. Our amenities are available to hire for one-off workshops and events, regular classes, parties, and more. Although the studio’s A-list clientele and a faculty of the most sought-after dancers and choreographers in the academy have catapulted SSDA is the top dance classes near me, and it remains notably grounded, welcoming and dedicated to the highest level of service and instruction.

How to dance hip hop? 

A new expression of freedom in dance. dance has emerged as a lifestyle from all popular dance forms and it is unique to each dancer. When an HipHop dancer sets the stage, he or she has the shadows of hip hop, a melange of unique dance forms brought together in that dancer’s view. Hip Hop dance lessons are referred to by a variety of names. Because ‘Hip Hop’ is a catch-all phrase for current street dance, your course will incorporate elements from a variety of old and new street dance forms.

We strive to develop characteristics like coordination, self-confidence, strength, rhythm, self-discipline and flexibility through individual attention throughout training as we consider that these are the keys to unlock success in life. We warmly welcome every student who learns dancing to make a professional career in dance and also the student who dances solely for the joy of movement and the benefits that it transfer to everyday life. Whether a student is going to be a trained dancer or not, every single student who walks through our door is significant to us. We run programs and projects which support the professional development of performers in a positive, creative and nurturing environment.


  • When you start your journey of  learning to dance for the first time, anything new might be intimidating. The best goal for a new dancer should be to enjoy.
  • However, when you get the feel of dancing, you’ll want to establish certain objectives for yourself. When you write anything down, it becomes a thousand times more real. Jot down your dancing goals in the notes section of your phone, in your journal, or somewhere else you’ll see them every day. Make your goals in a positive tone when you’re writing.
  •  Even if a class is completed in an hour or two, you can continue to learn from it. Drill specific portions that were challenging the first time to re-teach yourself the piece.
  • Your most valuable instrument is your body! Your body will remain healthy, muscular, and agile if you stretch and strength train it.




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