A contemporary is a form of expressive form of dance that blends components of diverse dance styles including new dance forms like jazz, lyrical and classic ballet. Dancers aim to connect the mind and the body within smooth dance movements. And it is taught there at SSDA to all levels be it novice or advanced.

Most performers prefer using their bare feet or soft ballet slippers and usually clothes as well that will form their story and allow for smooth mobility on stage.
Dancers enjoy doing contemporary as it fights against traditional barriers and usually combines versatility and improvising. They are exposed to creating their moves or routines, from sharp and abrupt to flowing and long movements.

Taking Contemporary Dance Classes

To learn contemporary dance for beginners, registering up for a dance class is a big first step. Make certain your instructor has prior experience with beginners. contemporary dance is a constant art, and advanced classes sometimes need torso moves and other ways that you require to learn first.

Studying Ballet

In addition to learning contemporary dance itself, seeking dancers should also consider ballet. The balance, stability, and core strength needed for successful ballet dance make it easier to master contemporary dance.

Focus on Technique

In contemporary dance, Technique is king. A choreographer, who is really the “director” of a dance piece, forms and usually teaches a dance before it is presented. More so than any other form of dance, the contemporary choreographer guides the artistic vision and communication of the dance. This also covers the steps in the dance, whether the dance has a story or not, and what the overall aesthetic of the dance will be.

To be best at contemporary dance, you’ll need to discover how to work with a choreographer. It’s a good idea to practice choreographing dances to your favorite music so you can see the thought process behind choreography. You should also be open to new stuff and to believing the choreographer’s choices about the dance.

If you’re curious about learning contemporary dance for beginners, the most efficient approach is to work with a dance teacher who can teach you the basics of the technique, as well as work with you on the precise technique. Learning from a contemporary dance teacher will ensure that you can perform dance moves correctly.
Finally, be ready to learn Contemporary dance is a fantastic way to not only express yourself artistically and meet other dancers and choreographers, but also to get training and have fun!


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