There are several dance forms out there it can be difficult and confusing for any parent to choose which class to start their child in.

Here Are the Top Dance Forms That Are Perfect for Your Child-:


Ballet creates the basis for aesthetically pleasing movement. It trains kids how to point their toes in a way that looks nice to the eye, use their arms gracefully whilst growing strength, improve flexibility, increase balance and restore their core muscles which are useful in the practice of all other types of dancing.

Hip Hop

It is important that your child is involved in what they are learning so that they are motivated to improve. Therefore if they love dancing to popular music a hip hop or jazz class might be more advantageous for them to grow their love of dance first. But if dance becomes more than just a hobby, and your child wants to improve even in their preferred style of dance, they should be doing ballet lessons to build a strong foundation of technique, strength, and flexibility to enhance their dancing in that style.

Jazz Funk

Jazz dancing offers an improvised and dynamic style of exercise that enables kids to physically express themselves through a range of routines. With flowing movements similar to ballet, jazz funk dancers couple sharp turns, large leaps and quick footwork in a show of versatility and grace. As you can imagine, all of these moves make jazz Funk dance a vigorous and fun workout.

Coordination and balance are other skills that your kids will learn as they participate in jazz Funk dance. With the graceful moves and lightning-fast steps in jazz, your child will be developing poise and grace and better coordination and balance in no time!


Some kids thrive in the order and discipline that a popular dance form like ballet or tap offers. Other kids want to be connected with dance, but they balk at the strict compliance needed for those dance forms. Contemporary dance uses a basic vocabulary of dance moves that come from ballet, jazz, and even tap, but it uses those moves in a very different way, which can offer a child more ways to explore and create. 

Best Age to Start Dancing

The best age to start lessons is when a child shows an interest in learning to dance. This is different from a child who moves and dances at any sound reminiscent of music or who loves to dance to their beat. They need to want to learn the steps that someone is teaching them and not just enjoy making up their dances and flitting around the room endlessly saying watch me, watch me! It should also be said that your child should be able to use the toilet with little assistance, have a good attention span, be able to follow a series of instructions and be confident enough to be without their carer for at least an hour.


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