Contemporary dance Online is a style of creative dance that blends elements of several dance genres including contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers aim to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. You can now learn contemporary dance online with Split Sole Dance Academy.

One of the best Contemporary Dance Class in Mumbai

SSDA has one of the best contemporary dance classes online. Seeking to proceed with efficiency and fluidity, dancers started to explore with manipulating their cores — a theory unheard of in classical ballet schools, which taught students to maintain a rigid, upright core throughout dancing. Because of its versatility, contemporary dance is used in a mixture of performance mediums throughout the world. Some identifying elements of contemporary, that we teach in our class include:

●Abstract: The emphasis is on action rather than narrative.​

●Unpredictability: Dancers often use contrasting rhythms, directions, and postures.​

●Breath: In many styles of contemporary and modern dance, dancers use breathing as a fundamental part of their dancing.​

●Floor work: Many new students learn that the floor is their first partner.​

●Non-standard movement: There isn’t a set of contemporary dance vocabulary, so dancers are free to try and create new movements and positions.

Today’s contemporary dance is a diverse mix of styles, with choreographers drawing from ballet, modern, and “post-modern” (structure-less) forms of dance. While some contemporary dancers create characters, shows, events, or stories, others perform entirely new creations as they improvise in their own unique style. the best online dance classes will teach you the real contemporary dance.

Who Can Join Online Contemporary Class?

When it comes to dancing in a format like this, there is no need to be perfect. It is also just about having fun! If you are serious about fitness or improving your flexibility, immunity, strength or anything else that dance can bring you, these classes are ideal. Clear a space in your house and tell everyone else to either leave you alone or join in! Having a fixed activity in the day is helpful during this lockdown. Plus, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you have been quarantined with your partner, chances are things are growing a little stale. The days are passing by, and maybe some days you spend watching TV or a new hobby like gardening. But with these workshops, you could reinvigorate your quarantine days. Dancing with your partner is fun, and not only strengthens your body but also your connection. You are more than welcome to join these dance classes at SSDA.


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