SSDA is one of the best dance studio in Mumbai. We at SSDA are age inclusive and provide easy learning through our teachers. We all have danced in our childhood , may it be annual functions or those class performances . Some of us really were good at dancing and went to competitions and represented our school. Sometimes when you cannot sleep and you are in your bed thinking about the good old days . The days when things were a lot simpler and still made a lot of sense.


Then you get this nostalgia of how you were so diverse and excited to try things out and how you performed in front of your parents. It hits you hard that we are so much different now and how we have lost touch with everything we used to enjoy and everything that used to make us happy . And as far as rejoining or revisiting is concerned , we just stop ourselves from the craving of our nostalgia thinking it is too late now.

Age is nothing but just a number at Best dance studio in Mumbai


If Ray Kroc thought the same thing that he is too old to build a restaurant system which provides food of consistent quality at all the franchises . We would never have our iconic McDonald’s. At the age of 52 , he started this and now it is world famous. If he would have backed off and chosen differently, what a shame would that be. 


The great thing is that Mr. Kroc along with hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs  knew that age ain’t nothing but just a number. It is never too late to start a hobby or even start a career. Conventions and stereotypes keep us tied but nobody cares . You actually have to live with yourself and make yourself happy , so just break the age barriers. At the end it is all about how it makes you feel and what you want , not what others see in you. Once you untie yourself from the social norms laid down by our society , you will feel better about yourself. 

You can start dancing at any given age as long as you want to do it and it makes you genuinely happy. We sometimes feel scared to be the eldest in a dance group or being judged by other students for not being able to keep up . But it is not as negative as it sounds . Fear is a sign that you should practise a lot and prove those people wrong . Also , at SSDA we make sure that all of our students respect each other and our teachers encourage their students as well . We provide a friendly age inclusive environment to our students. You can check the best dance studio in Mumbai here.


Dance is a way to express yourself and it ignites the soul . It sets you free and keeps you away from your stress. You can give yourself plenty of excuses like you are too busy to have a hobby or you are too late to start over again. But “You are never too busy , old or poor”, it is all about the priorities . Always listen to your heart and whatever it is trying to convey to you. 


If you aspire to learn dance as a hobby, age has no relation whatsoever . It is a myth that people who have crossed a certain age cannot dance as their body would not allow. Hardwork and dedication is all you need . Your body would enjoy doing something which makes your heart happy. You can always go in for learning the art in a subtle way and perform for your happiness and satisfaction. 


You can even start your journey of dance as a career even if you think you have not started early enough. A very renowned dancer Rukmini Devi started practicing Bharatanatyam at the age of twenty seven . Not only she revived it but also gave a new platform and edge for it.  You need  zeal and passion for dance and everything else will just fit . 

You should take the first step of joining a dance studio and everything will follow. All your intimidation and fear will disappear once you enroll yourself. You can even make new friends and if it allows you to feel satisfied , it is worth it . Best Dance Studio in Mumbai .


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