Learn Dance Style in Mumbai 

One of the best learn dance institutions in Mumbai, SSDA dance classes in Mumbai has been advocating, promoting celebrating the arts to fulfil its purpose to present and support the very best in the world of dance. The Centre has been an incubator for the artistic evolution of young talent.

At our dance learn institute in Mumbai, we offer classes in a wide range of styles and disciplines, across all levels of experience, therefore whether you are just a beginner and placing foot on the dance floor for the first time, recently tried a new dance style or have years of experience, we have the right course for you. So don’t just sit back, put your hands up and get ready to move on your favourite beats. Take the opportunity to dance from the team are experts in the dance classes in Mumbai and get the perfect finish. To present a quality dance to everyone having the zeal for dance, we are striving hard to bring out the best mentors for you. Not just the professionalism, we provide space for creativity and emotions. Our continued commitment makes us the final destination for dancers.

Dance course

Split Sole Dance Academy had moulded and trained its students with the various dance formats on par with the International standards. Presenting it as one of India’s most elegant Dance Academy to strive, perseverance, collaboration, dedication, offering with its fun-loving ambience is the essence at Split Sole Dance Academy.

Our work is shaped by our curiosity questioning the ordinary, embracing the known, and exploring the unknown. Boasting of a profound connection with our roots, our dance traverses varying levels of human capacities, cultures and connections. Creating thoughtful experiences through their dan

Dance Forms to Choose From-:

Jazz-Funk- The dance form started in the year 1980s and get adapted from the hip hop style. The jazz-funk dance style is the result of American jazz musicians widening the arena of jazz. Although this dance has taken from hip-hop, it varies on a single term that is you use the Centre of gravity, most of the times on beat in the dance. Frank Hatcher is the major contributor to the above style.

Contemporary Dance Form 

dance is one of the most difficult kinds to identify by skill. Contemporary dance is not mandatory to perform fast or slow or performed in specific music. This okay and perfect and from the opinion of various choreographers and dancers because in premise, it provides them endless potentials to play with. Contemporary dance is a beautiful art form. Though, it’s also trailing a stringent set of rules. The moves are very old and primitive and presented the same way by everybody.


A new expression of freedom in dance. HipHop dance has emerged as a lifestyle from all popular dance forms and it is unique to each dancer. When an HipHop dancer sets the stage, he or she has the shadows of hip hop, a melange of unique dance forms brought together in that dancer’s view. HipHop Dance Classes Mumbai will be led by Famous HipHop Dance Trainers. We guarantee you the Best Teacher in HipHop Dance here fully experienced and a passion to expand Grance and Fitness using Dance as a means.

Urban Dance Form –

The urban dance form is a mixture of techniques and it depends upon the feeling of the song but it does not include any hard and fast rules as any different dance forms like jazz or classical. Urban choreography came from various styles, gaining popularity through collegiate dance crews and competitions. Urban dance is any dance style that grew out of the city atmosphere and way of life.


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