It seems the future of hip-hop  is heading down an online path . Everybody is inclined towards learning this form while being in the comfort of their home. 


It additionally appears that with Breaking turning into an Olympic Sport in France in 2022 . That this fashion is breaking far from its origins as a fashion of hip hop into its very own class of dance all together!


Staying proper to Hip-Hop  origins is turning into more and more difficult. As society embraces and copies hip hop dance for industrial and amusement purposes. But optimistically with an increasing number of recognition and credit score being given to the proper creators of  hip hop fashion. Dances on social media structures like youtube and instagram  and with Choreographers like JaQuel Knight. He is combating for rights over authentic choreography. He’s the primary choreographer to have a non-ballet choreographic paintings authorized for copyright registration  .  Hip-Hop  will retain to thrive proper to its authentic shape and cultural origins.


For the ones inquisitive about seeing one-manner Hip Hop is evolving on the roots . From the younger humans dwelling with every day struggles of twentieth-century. Lifestyles  now no longer take a look at out the genuine road battles that also keep to happen. With crowds status round in parks, the road or maybe at parties. It is really charming on this day of Instagram and all on-line platforms  that you could be a viewer and player . The evolution of hip hop from the locations in which it really is the way of life and manner of lifestyles. 


SSDA offers hip hop learning through both in-class and online platforms. We let the students relate the movements with the beats and recognize the rhythm simultaneously. We provide an online learning platform . You can get the recorded classes as well for practice. Our choreographers are highly trained . We maintain a minimum teacher-student ratio for better understanding. You can learn your favorite dance style in the comfort of your home. 





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