Starting with some simple dance choreography is one of the finest methods to learn how to dance. You can also practise as often as you need, study at your own pace, and have unlimited mirror space if you learn a routine at home. What is the definition of simple dance choreography? What makes a dance routine “simple” varies depending on the person, the style of dance, and a variety of other elements. ALSO READ : MISTAKES YOU MIGHT BE DOING AS A DANCER

However, I’ve discovered that the simplest routines all have a few characteristics in common:


  • First and foremost, the music should be clear and straightforward. There are no insane rhythms, quick parts, or abrupt changes in mood. Consider the songs you’ve heard where you can predict what’s going to happen next, even if you’ve never heard it before — those are the easiest to dance to!


  • Second, rather than challenging talents, easy dance composition should be constructed around grooves. When you hear music, your body naturally wants to do things like bobbing your head and swaying your hips. Harder dance routines, on the other hand, are frequently more technical and may include a lot of motions that look odd to you!


What dance styles have the most beginner-friendly choreography?

Every dance style, once again, has a vast range of routines appropriate for various skill levels. However, because choreography based on grooves is the most straightforward, you might choose to start there : 


  • Dance routines produced to popular tunes that incorporate a wide range of movement types are known as open style choreography.


  • K-Pop choreography consists of routines choreographed to K-Pop songs that are designed to be catchy and accessible to anybody.


  • Choreography for Jazz Funk — Fun, feminine routines set to pop music (think music video routines or stage performances from your favourite pop stars).


  • Other dance styles, such as Ballet or Popping, necessitate greater technical skill in order to execute even beginner-level choreography.


What steps can you take to create your own simple dance routine ?

If you want to create some simple choreography for yourself, start by viewing some simple routines from well-known choreographers to see what you enjoy. Then, pick a song that makes you want to move, and dance to it. This will assist you in determining which grooves come naturally to you. After that, memorise your favourite techniques and practise them in front of a mirror!


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