How Do I Join an Online Dance Class?

With the ongoing Quarantine, we are sure a lot of you must be dying to meet your squad, do your gym workouts and attend dance sessions at the studio, but social distancing is the need of the hour. But while you are also continuing to practice self-quarantine, it doesn’t have to be so boring and dull, right? Check out SSDA’s Online Dance Studio classes where virtual dance sessions are conducted. You can sign up and do them from the comfort of your home. Go on, peeps!

Dance away the quarantine blues anywhere around your home, as dance classes, spring up around the world.

Physical exercise such as dance is good for health, as is mastering a new skill. Dance studios’ classes give those stuck at home a chance to do just that, whether it’s hip hop, jazz funk, contemporary. Any dance that moves you, there’s an online class for it!

Take dancing classes watching easy-to-follow video lessons at your own pace. Train under the best dance instructors, across a variety of styles including contemporary, jazz, hip hop, jazz funk for all levels. There are tons of free video lessons that are perfect for beginner level dancers.

There are not enough designated professional programs for choreography. There are very few Dance Choreography Training Programmes in India that offer dance courses.

Best Dance Faculty 

Start from the beginning, and learn to groove with us!

We have one of the best dance faculties in our academy. We believe that learners of all generations and abilities should be actively encouraged to work towards their potential, while still having a fun and pleasant experience. We strive to develop characteristics like coordination, self-confidence, strength, rhythm, self-discipline, and flexibility through individual attention throughout training.

You’ll learn different dance styles with us only to determine what your body moves to best. We are going to push you to make you a better dancer every day!

Experience a series of dance styles like Contemporary, Jazz Funk & Hip-Hop with us. If learning International Styles is what you want, give us a call and let’s make you dance!


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