What is Urban Dance?

Urban Dance” This choreography came from several different styles, gaining popularity through collegiate dance teams and competitions. Urban dance is any dance style that grew out of the city environment and way of life. Crumping, urban jazz dance, stepping, even tap could arguably be considered urban dance forms because of where and why they developed.

Urban Dance” is also often confused with “Hip Hop” but there is an important distinction there. “The urban dance usually revolves around the

urban choreography-ssda

Urban choreography is a mixture of styles and it depends upon the spirit of the song but it does not include any hard and fast rules as any other dance forms like jazz or classical.

One of the first styles to emerge in the late 60s, breaking originated from the good foot which a unique dance style used by superstar James Brown. This predecessor was characterized by floor work or floor rock. However, flashy athletic moves such as windmills and air flares were not present. This old-style was prominent in the south Bronx where young people would have breaking battles. It was not until the 80s when dance crews such as the Rock Steady crew that breaking became mainstream and assumed the form it has today.

The urban dance style is all about expressing yourself, dancing with all combined moves without any fear. It is more of a fun and expressive kind of dance form wrapping all other dance forms. In this form, the basic need is of energy and dedication without it you can’t perform up to the expectation.

Hip hop is like the base of urban, When you learn hip hop, you usually learn a routine but Urban usually takes those grooves you learn and some other styles and then makes a choreography.
Learning Urban Dance isn’t as straightforward as it is with other dance styles. A big part of the modern urban dance culture stemmed from collegiate dance teams and competitions.
With urban Choreography, each class is treated as a standalone workshop. It is a part of choreography rather than training a particular skill set. In the past 2 decades or so, the Urban Dance culture and Urban Dance choreography developed its own identity.

Urban Dance Health Benefits:

●Facilitates the proper functioning of your heart and lungs.
●Increased muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness.
●Increased aerobic fitness.
●Improved muscle tone and strength.
●Weight management.
●Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis.
●Better coordination, agility, and flexibility.

Types of Urban Choreography:

Urban Dance is also known as LA Style, it has been in the market since around 2005. This dance style consists of Lyrical, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop and it focuses on the control of physical strength, action arrangement, and stage effects. Dance forms mentioned below.

●Clowning & Krumping
●Electro Dance
●Melbourne Shuffle

As a dancer you should be good and serious about your health issues, you should be aware of what is good and bad pain. These pains may feel uncomfortable, but they are beneficial. Bad pain comes from pushing the body too far too fast, and it leads to injury. These pains tend to be sharp and sudden. Listen to your body to find the edge of good pain and do not go past it.

Urban Dance classes in Mumbai:

Are you a dance lover? Do you want to learn urban dance? Free urban dance moves should be easy to get. In some cases, they are, as easy as just going to the local dance jam and watching the b-boys and b-girls there. But what if you don’t have the luxury of having a local hip-hop scene? Then you can go to urban dance classes in Mumbai. Here, you come and join the dance classes and learn from every kind of dances forms Clowning & Krumping, Electro Dance, Locking, House, Melbourne Shuffle, B-boying. Make sure you have a perfect size, as shoes are the most important element for a perfect performance. Urban Dance classes in Mumbai you get professional-grade training at affordable prices and you will get to know to attend the professional workshops and seminars by well-known artist and there are competitions at different levels and prices will also be awarded.




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