SSDA is more than just a western Academy. We propose an outstanding crew of trained dance instructors offering the highest quality of dance training in Mumbai, India. It’s about our learners, and the ability they acquire to express themselves creatively, both on and off the dance floor.

We aim to keep a fun and relaxed environment for our learners to grow and enjoy the best dance training accessible. In addition to a positive dance environment, we aim to achieve a definite social atmosphere that makes it simple to join new friends and become more outgoing. Apart from the in-house Latin Dances, we bring the most qualified teachers across diverse genres at our extremely curated studios. All teachers are greatly passionate about their form of dance and always strive to take the class to the next level. All of us collectively work hard to introduce and instil just the right amount of self-expression, discipline, and passion in each of our students. Whether a student is dancing for fun and exercise or planning to enter the arts on an expert level, we are here to guide them along the way. Western Dance Classes in Mumbai offers courses which are creatively designed grasping the evolving technology in mind, which serve the students to receive the most high-grade expertise needed to succeed. Certainly, the idea of individualism is effective at our western dance class in Mumbai, as we believe in providing personalised attention to every student & is not restricted to the duration of the course.

Students of our western dance classes in Mumbai are constantly engaged with the top specialists of the industry and learn all the tricks & bricks from the faculty itself who are experts in the dance industry with years of expertise and exceptional knowledge of the technical know-how in the industry. The open atmosphere of our dance classes can be of huge benefit to the enthusiastic dancers & especially for someone who is little confused with views.

If you are interested to make a career in dance then you are advised to learn dance from an expert at our western dance classes in Mumbai. Here, you can learn choreography at western dance classes in Mumbai. Once you get the best professional dance training at our dance classes, you would be able to arrange dance and help your career as dance as a profession. at our Dance school in Mumbai, you can get the best Dance Classes. Here at SSDA, you can train under our instructors in Western styles like Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and also Modern Jazz and Ballet if you are at a higher level.





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