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Split Sole Dance Academy (SSDA) was founded in 2009 by Mr. Dhiraj Bakshi and since then has predominantly been active in educating enthusiasts in dance apart from being a part of cultural events and staging performances. Today, as we stand at the threshold of finishing 9 years of the Academy and having taught over 20,000+ students in the country, we are more than grateful to our students and dance community members who’ve always extended their love and support towards our art. Having introduced the style Jazz Funk to the city, Split Sole believes in amalgamation of technique and styling to bring out the quality of a professional dancer in one. We also teach more styles like Hip Hop and Contemporary at our studios. A fun passionate and dedicated team who are also fun loving artists are here to make your dance journey a memoarable one.


In the true spirit of dance, SSDA launched SHOW OFF! A Students, Annual Presentation, in the September of 2011 and opened its arms to every kind of person that found themselves inclined to learn the art.Through approximately 7 weeks of classes, students are trained to learn choreography, achieve technical accuracy and most importantly, performance skills. The experience is complete and that of a professional dance show as students enjoy the overall journey of working on costumes and props, mini show and technical rehearsals, teamwork and discipline, costumes and lights and the delight of being up on Stage!

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Jazz Funk is a choreography or studio dance style that is an amalgamation of Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk. This style brings forth its technical aspect from Jazz that helps with correct body posture, flexibility and strength.


Hip Hop

Urban is a newly evolved dance and by definition is a style, lifestyle revolving around choreography which is influenced by several dance styles but is ultimately based on the choreographer’s interpretation of the music.



Contemporary is a dance style that combines elements of dance genres like modern, classical ballet, and jazz. Different choreographers/artists back in the day focused on different aspects of body movment thus creating different..

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