HipHop is associated with street dance styles like Popping, Waacking, Locking, House, and Krump. Choreographing and performing pieces is a departure from the freestyle circles at clubs and battles that most Hip Hop and street dancers are used to. HipHop dance Classes in Mumbai emphasises on uniqueness and improvement. HipHop Dance is a form of dance, society, and lifestyle revolving around choreographed sections and performances by a dancer or groups of dancers. Choreography is inspired by several different dance forms but is finally based on the choreographer’s analysis of the music.

A big part of the modern HipHop Dance culture derived from collegiate dance teams and battles. All these different groups jumped up in various areas. But we never had a chance to battle together… until car show promoters noticed the appeal in hip hop crew shows and organised dance competitions at their events. Hip hop is like the foundation of HipHop , When you learn hip hop, you usually learn a method but HipHop usually takes those grooves you learn and some other styles and then makes a choreography. Learning HipHop Dance isn’t as straightforward as it is with other dance styles. A big part of the modern HipHop dance culture derived from collegiate dance teams and competitions.

Why Choose Hip Hop Dance Style?

●improved condition of your heart and lungs
●increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
●increased aerobic fitness
●improved muscle tone and strength
●weight management
●stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
●better coordination, agility and flexibility
●improved balance and spatial awareness
●increased physical confidence
●improved mental functioning
●improved general and psychological wellbeing
●greater self-confidence and self-esteem
●better social skills.

●Stamina – If you’re struggling to stay the pace in your running exercise, the HipHop dance could offer an unexpected form of cross-training, to build up your stamina and muscular resistance.

●Work your heart – HipHop dance is a great form of cardiovascular (CV) exercise and gets the heart pumping with fast-paced exercises.

●Forges a positive mind – Exercise is a great way of keeping your mind in shape and the pleasures of HipHop dance will have you bouncing around with a more positive outlook.

●Burns off calories – With a range of movements required of its participants, HipHop dancing will help you burn off those undesired calories. Losing weight doesn’t mean trundling on a treadmill until the end of time. HipHop dancing will get you moving, as well as offering an entertaining and highly sociable workout.

A new expression of freedom in dance. HipHop dance has emerged as a lifestyle from all popular dance forms and it is unique to each dancer. When an HipHop dancer sets the stage, he or she has the shadows of hip hop, a melange of unique dance forms brought together in that dancer’s view. This choreography style has been acquired worldwide with glory and show and Dance Fun is sought to bring this dance form to all dancers across.


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The hip-hop dance stresses the development of your body, which also helps to improves your posture as well.

Age groups, that can participate in this form of Dance

Anybody over the age of 5 years can perform this Dance form. Be careful if you have any of the existing joint problems or surgeries performed before. It’s always beneficial to ask a physician if you had/have any pain or strain that needs consideration.

HipHop Dance techniques

HipHop Dance also acknowledged as LA Style, it is in the market since around 2005. This dance style consists of Lyrical, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop and it focuses on the control of physical strength, action arrangement, and stage effects. There are several styles which are mentioned below

●Clowning & Krumping
●Electro Dance
●Melbourne Shuffle

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