As a dancer , you need physical and mental well being.  As much as the right workouts and diet is important for a dancer , So is the peace of the mind. Below are some of the thoughts that you should confront and answer.



Keep room for regular checkups in order to observe self growth. You should know how invested you are in dancing. You do not have to dance more than you want to invest in it. Burning out is not beneficial either. If you are dancing less than you are invested in , do it. Put yourself out there and do not stop. You should record  yourself to know this.



You should know your expectations and you should know how satisfied you are. It is really important to be happy when you are doing it . You cannot keep on doing something which does not satisfy you. 



As a dancer , you should know what you are doing. You should know why you are doing , whatever you are upto. You should be clear with your ways and your goal. You should not live up to someone else’s expectation of you. You are here to live your best life and you should do what makes you feel the best. You should carve your own path and move in the direction which is best for you . You should have the vision for you and you should be connected to your purpose and know your skills and your abilities. You should contain the power of how to utilise your set of skills for the desired destination. Your perspective plays a vital role in your life and it helps you find your purpose. 



You should ask yourself , “what are you doing”. When you are regular to a class and keep on taking classes and you form a routine with it. Your schedule plays an integral role in shaping you . Whether you are punctual or you are regular or you are rehearsing , these matter a lot. We humans are creatures of habit .  We keep on repeating the same rituals and things . 



You should find out whether your coping up mechanism is actually working. After figuring out the flaws and faults you should work on them and actually check whether your actions are effective. There’s a possibility that you make changes but they do not necessarily work. Interrogate your own self and figure out the mistakes.


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