Established in the year 2009, we are a multi-locational Dance Institute operating in Mumbai Catering to dancers of all ages and skill levels, we offer dance lessons in an array of dance forms and many more! Thus providing you with a different meld of different dance forms that will certainly have you feeling cool while driving hot! While at the base we are a team of best dance teachers we always require people to have fun with us! Thus we not only insist on a technicality but also guarantee our students go home smiling.

We Believe

The art of dance is the art of self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-nurturing. To dance is to inhabit a world in which people of all forms, sizes, ages and ethnicities are joined in the freedom of movement, the beauty of music, and the power of personal transformation. It’s about living in the moment a moment in which desire peaks and everyday cares and concerns drift away. Fall in love with dance and you may just fall in love with yourself. For where there is dance, there is life. Great Life.

SSDA Dance Classes Mumbai will be led by Famous Dance teachers in Mumbai. We guarantee you the Best Dance Teacher, fully experienced and a passion to expand Grance and Fitness using Dance as a means. If you are inquiring for best dance classes in Mumbai that can train you from basic to superior levels of this incredible dance form then check for our dance academy. There are countless dance academies all around, but we are the BEST! B’coz we give dance training adhere to not only national but international levels. With a passion to teach dancer lovers with adequate techniques of this dance form, we have our dance schools in Mumbai.

Age Groups, that Can Engage in This Form of Dance

Anybody over the age of 5 years can perform this Dance form. Be cautious if you have any of the existing joint problems or surgeries performed before. It’s forever beneficial to ask a physician if you had/have any pain or strain that needs consideration.


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